If you want to know what your school mates from primary and secondary schools think of violence - read the text below.

We have recorded the most common opinions:  

  "I am against violence because when I see somebody bullying someone weaker I think he is a coward".
  Adam, I class of secondary school

"I am against violence because it is evil. People who are violent usually want to show off that they are stronger. Life would be better without violence".
  Beata, VI class

"I am against violence. People hurt other people"
  Maciek, VI class

"I am against violence because I think that everybody is a human being. Never mind if he is nice and clever or just an ugly cripple. We are all human and we do not deserve ill-treatment".
  Rafał,I class of secondary school

"Violence is evil. I think it is humiliating and destructive. And there should not be violence in the world. It is simply doing harm to other people".
  Kasia, VI class

"I think violence is completely evil. I am against it because I feel sorry for those who suffer. Besides, God doesn't let people be violent."
  Karol, V class

"I think, that violence is bad because people can solve any problem in a different way, for example by telling somebody to stop what he does".
  Antek, V class

"I am against violence because every violent act leaves marks either on the body or in the soul".
  Basia, V class

"In my opinion, violence is useless because there is always someone who suffers. But there are also cases when violence must be used, for example against bad bandits. The police tries to prevent it by putting on handcuffs".
  Wojtek, VI class

"I am against violence because I experienced it myself. I was called names and ridiculed and I know it is not fun".
  Ala,II class of secondary school

"I am against violence because I don't want anybody to suffer. Every human being has a right to live in peace and be happy. I don't like it when other people are suffering".
  Go¶ka, I class of secondary school

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Parts of the pictures come from the work of pupils - participants of our classes on violence prevention at school.

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