The Association for the Development and Integration of School Communities "Stand by the Child" is a non-governmental organisation formed by a team of psychologists, educationalists, psychiatrists and teachers who are concerned with problems of education, health and the development of children and teenagers.

        The Association's mission is:  to create a familiar and beneficial environment  
  for children's growth by educating teachers, tutors, parents and others involved in the process of development and education.

We are co-authors and practitioners of well-known projects, which have been approved by children, their parents and teachers alike:

"Child Abused, Child Neglected"
"I Won't Take It"
"Upbringing Against Violence"
"Health Education"
"My Decision"
"Violence Against Children"
"School for Parents"

These programmes were approved by: the Ministry of National Education, the National Foundation for Solving Alcohol Induced Problems, the Batory Foundation and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Members of our Association gained their professional experiences in the field working for the following organisations:
Poradnia Specjalistyczna Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Psychologiczny (Psychological Advisory Council for Young People), Poradnia Specjalistyczna dla Dzieci i Młodzieży ze Środowisk Zagrożonych Alkoholizmem "OPTA" (Advisory Council for Children Affected with Alcohol Problems), Centralny Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (Center for Training Educational Staff), the "Bene Vobis" Foundation, the Batory Foundation and the Center for Civic Education Foundation.

We are in constant co-operation with more then 30 schools in the Mazovia District. We organise workshops for pupils, we educate parents and run training courses for teachers. We spend most of our time working for the Warszawa-Wlochy Community Council and Ursynow District Council. Nevertheless, the members of our training courses also come from other regions: Wielkopolska, Dolny Śląsk and Podlasie.

We strive for a systemic pattern of activity and aim to value both the unique character and the needs of each environment.

We set up preventive programmes for pupils, teachers, parents and representatives of local government, which we perform on the basis of financial support from local council and district sources, from the Ministry of National Education and other non-governmental organisations. We are constantly looking for new sponsors interested in co-operation with our association.

        The central aim of our Association is working against violence amongst children.  
  We also encourage and include other organisations, schools, local government councils and private sponsors in our activities. Violence at school is not merely the teachers' problem.

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    PKO BP II O/Warszawa Nr 34 10201026-122730033
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