Authors: Joanna Węgrzynowska, Agnieszka Milczarek

When do we deal with the violence?    
Violence occurs when the attacking person is stronger, physically or mentally. The characteristic is therefore an imbalance of forces.

Bullying is particularly painful for pupils. Bullying is the case when a pupil is permanently exposed to the aggression (direct or not) of a stronger pupil or a group of schoolmates but he or she is not able to resist it.
Violence occurs in many disguises.
Generally we can speak of three groups of violence:


physical violence:    

  • beating
  • pushing and struggling
  • tripping up
  • forcing money
  • locking up
  • damage to personal belongings
  • kicking
  • spitting
verbal violence:    

  • name calling
  • ridiculing
  • threatening
  • mocking
  • gossiping
  • conspiring
  • blackmailing
  • invectives
non-physical and non-verbal violence:  

  • hostile gestures
  • pulling faces
  • isolating
  • manipulating of friends' relationships
  It is useful to remember:

Name calling or isolation can be equally harmful and painful as physical attack for the victim. These forms of violence should not be neglected. Everything depends on the sensibility of a child.
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