Authors: Agnieszka Milczarek and Joanna Węgrzynowska

  The "Stand by the Child" Association organises and runs either Warsaw-based or all-Poland training courses for teachers, educationalist, psychologists and local government representatives on the independent implementation of the "Programme of Violence Prevention - STOP" in their communities.

Over 2000 teachers, educationalists and form masters from elementary and secondary schools in the mazowieckie, wielkopolskie, dolnośląskie, pomorskie, świętokrzyskie and podlaskie provinces have participated in the training sessions and workshops organized by the Association since 1999.

Goals of the "STOP" programme training:
  • Enhancing school violence prevention methods among tutors, educationalists and Advisory Councils workers.
  • Developing systemic thinking about the phenomenon of violence and establishing community based programs on violence prevention.
  • Providing school communities and those who collaborate with them with methods, tools, procedures and skills aimed at individual work on preventing aggression among children.
  • Preparing teachers, educationalists, Advisory Councils workers and tutors to take the role of leaders who would manage the activities of violence prevention in the local environment.

    Form of training:
    The training consists of two workshops (2 x 20-22h)
    Subject of the training:
  • theory of the system of preventing aggression and violence among children and teenagers;
  • motives and mechanisms for the rise of violence;
  • violence-perpetrator syndrome;
  • short and long-term interventions in cases of violence-perpetrator;
  • violence-victim syndrome;
  • short and long-term intervention in case of a violence-victim;
  • code of rules and consequences system;
  • school community facing the problem of violence - planning all-school activities and explaining the function of supporting organisations;
  • collaboration of school - local community in violence prevention;
  • designing scenarios and conducting prophylactic sessions for pupils and parents;
  • diagnosing the level of violence in schools;
  • constructing programs of violence prevention using the diagnoses.

    Who can participate in the training? - our requirements
  • all education committee members or school representatives (no less then 5-10 people), organised groups of educationalists, psychologists or local administration representatives;
  • some earlier workshop experience is essential (particularly useful would be participants' familiarity with educational skills, conflict resolution, communication issues, mediation);
  • the majority of the teaching staff of a school should be convinced of the importance of the problem, stick with the idea of working with it in their community and be ready to support the activities initiated by those who would participate in courses;
  • school representative group should include: a member of a school board, an educationalist and experienced and respected members of teaching staff ;
  • schools are allowed to invite members of the Advisory Psychological-Educational Council for their representative group if they collaborate with the school and are ready to contribute to the work on the problem of violence.
  • Institutions interested in taking part in the courses or seeking additional information are welcome to contact us at:

  • tel/fax 839 36 52

  • e-mail:
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